Bus 1207 students will be transported by a different bus and is running a few minutes later than normal.
4 days ago, Blue Ridge Lions
March 10, 2023: Due to the anticipated timing of inclement weather, all Jefferson County Schools and Offices will be closed today. Students will return on Tuesday, March 14, following Monday's staff development day. Thank you.
15 days ago, Jefferson County Schools
JCS logo
🎢 Congratulations to Deklynn Boggs and Jason Jones on being selected to represent JCS at this year's WV All-State Children's Chorus! They spent several months learning nine musical selections for the event - three of which were in a foreign language! Then they joined fellow JCS students in traveling to Charleston this weekend to showcase their talent with other West Virginia choral students. Read more here πŸ‘‰ https://bit.ly/3T2TBUR 🎡
16 days ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
Deklynn Boggs and Jason Jones
Blue Ridge Campus families, we are holding a Read-a-thon and we would love everyone to participate. If you have not already done so, please click on this link to activate your reader’s personal page: https://www.read-a-thon.com/readers/r/QvDDGA Activation takes less than a minute and you can log your reader's reading minutes and collect donations on this page. Thank you for your support!
18 days ago, Blue Ridge Lions
3/6/23: We are flushing the water system at Blue Rudge Elementary School this morning following a power outage over the weekend. Drinking water is temporarily unavailable in the elementary building as a result. Bottled water is on hand for students, and outside water is available in our cafeteria for cooking. We anticipate having the system back to normal by noon today. Thank you for your patience and support as we put safety first.
19 days ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
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All of us at Blue Ridge Elementary School work hard to support our students and their families. It's important to us that we know how you feel and what you need, so we invite you to take the WV Learning Environment Survey! Just visit our website at https://www.jcswv.org/bressurvey and follow the instructions. Thank you for partnering with us!
21 days ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
Congratulations to our own Janet Harner! Janet received West Virginia's first-ever West Virginia Executive Secretary of the Year Award, which was also named in her honor! We are all excited to see this well-deserved recognition for Janet's decades of dedicated service. You can read more about the award and the impact of Janet's career here https://www.jcswv.org/article/1026064.
21 days ago, Jefferson County Schools
Harner and Seufer
Today, February 15th, students riding bus 1207 will be arriving to their stop later than normal (approximately 15 minutes) and will be arriving on bus 24-41.
about 1 month ago, Blue Ridge Lions
Looking for ways to volunteer at Blue Ridge Elementary? Consider becoming a PASS Volunteer. Please see the flyer for more information.
about 2 months ago, Blue Ridge Lions
PASS Volunteer Training
Relay for Life Valentines Sale is going on. Please see the flyer for additional details.
2 months ago, Blue Ridge Lions
Relay for Life Valentines Sale
The Jefferson County Board of Education values the input of Jefferson County Schools staff, parents, and community members. As we continue our work to support success for our children, we are inviting you to participate in a number of advisory committees. These committees will meet to consider obstacles and opportunities for success in these areas. The committee will report to the Board regularly on their progress. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please click on the link below fill out an application. Thank you for your support and commitment to Jefferson County Schools. https://www.jcswv.org/committees
2 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
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Bus 1207 students will be transported home today, January 9th, by bus 1877. They will potentially be arriving earlier than normal. This could be an ongoing change. Tomorrow, I will send out an updated message with additional information once we have confirmation from the transportation department.
2 months ago, Blue Ridge Lions
Happy New Year! We look forward to welcoming students back from break on Tuesday, January 3.
3 months ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
Happy New Year
We're pleased to bring holiday cheer to neurodiverse students and their families again this year with the second annual ο»ΏJCS Sensory Santa! This event gives sensory-sensitive children and their families a chance to visit Santa in a calmer, less-chaotic environment. The fun continues the weekend thanks to our student and staff volunteers!
4 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
Ayden Vale with Santa
Student volunteers Morgan Cantley - Sophie Stuart - Karley Hoffman - Megan Cantley
Ethan Edwards with volunteer Morgan Cantley
Fourth graders at Blue Ridge Elementary celebrated the end of their CKLA unit on the Middle Ages with a Renaissance Festival! Students had fun participating in activities popular during the Middle Ages, including a mock jousting contest, javelin throwing, and archery. They also created Lego castles and fire-breathing dragons. And to top it all off, they enjoyed a special feast of chicken legs, roasted vegetables, and cobbler courtesy of our amazing BRE cooks! A special THANK YOU to the cafeteria staff for their hard work in preparing the delicious meal, Jefferson County Parks and Recreation for providing the archery, and the dedicated parent volunteers and BRE staff who assisted with the event. We couldn't have done it without your help!
4 months ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
BRE Renaissance Festival
Creating fire-breathing dragons
Special feast
National Special Education Day commemorates the signing of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) into law in 1975, granting children with special needs access to free and quality public education. Today we recognize and celebrate our incredible special education community at JCS with a heartfelt THANK YOU to the teachers and aides who serve some of our most exceptional learners. πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›
4 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
National Special Education Day recognition
Happy Thanksgiving to our JCS community! We remain grateful for the privilege of serving your children.
4 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
Happy Thanksgiving
As we continue to celebrate our public school community for American Education Week, we're proud to recognize our JCS school leaders! We're so grateful for our principals who step up every day for their students and staff. Let's hear a shoutout for Ms. Lusby!
4 months ago, Blue Ridge Elementary School
Principal Recognition
Jefferson County Schools begins our celebration of American Education Week today! Everyone at Jefferson County Schools is excited to highlight and cheer on the incredible people who work in public education here and across the country. JCS staff and students are so important to our community and our future. We are grateful to each of you for what you do to create and maintain a safe, enriching, and fun learning environment!
4 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
American Education Week
Today we take time to recognize Veterans Day with respect, honor, and gratitude to all who serve or have served in our nation's armed forces. JCS is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the veterans among our teachers and staff who now share their experience, skill, and insight serving students in our schools, offices, and buses. Thank you!
4 months ago, Jefferson County Schools
Veterans Day